“Broadband internet access is becoming so vital for businesses that it can be seen as a new utility comparable to water and electricity.”

United Nation Conference on Trade And Development (CNUSED)

About Us

We are a new bandwidth supplier in the Pacific submarine cable market.

Our goal is to significantly contribute to the development of Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands' economies by providing future-proof capacity and direct access to the US market.

This means:
- Increase international broadband availability
- Stimulate economic growth by eliminating the double tyranny of distance and over-priced international bandwidth
- Introduce true competition in New Zealand and in the connected Pacific Islands
- Drop the cost of Internet access for the end-users

Thanks to its specific design, the Hawaiki Cable represents a solution to improve:

- Trans-Pacific connectivity between Australia, New Zealand and the US
- Trans-Tasman connectivity between Australia and New Zealand
- Hawaii connectivity to Continental US
- Pacific Islands connectivity to New Zealand, Australia and the US

Remi Galasso

Rémi Galasso

Chief Executive Officer
Ludovic Hutier

Ludovic Hutier

Chief Operating Officer
Virginie Frouin

Virginie Frouin

Chief Technical Officer
Laurent Le Breton

Laurent Le Breton

Chief Financial Officer
Georges Krebs

Georges Krebs

Senior Vice President Network & Technology
Gina Bohreer

Gina Bohreer

Senior Vice President North America
Peter Missingham

Peter Missingham

Legal Advisor
Anael Greiveldinger

Anael Greiveldinger

Technical Project Manager



• Coherent D+ fiber design
• 100x100G wavelengths
• Pacific Islands connected by OADM branching unit


• TE Subcom supply contract into force in March 2016
• System ready for service in June 2018


Multi-route system

Trans Pacific & Trans Tasman

Managed lit capacity

10G or 100G

Purchase option


Segment From To Distance (km) Latency (ms)
AU-US Sydney Pacific City 13 280 133
NZ-US Mangawhai Pacific City 12 518 125
HI-US Oahu Pacific City 4 330 43
AU-NZ Sydney Mangawhai 3 211 33
Terrestrial Backhaul
US Pacific City Hillsboro 156 2,5